Legends of Aethiox

A Fated Meeting

Fire in Carto

A Fated Meeting

- Legends of Æthiox, Chapter 1 Scene 1

We begin our story in the small town of Carto in the Kingdom of Farnogth. Here we meet six unlikely companions unaware of the fate that is about to befall them. Farnogth Drawn to this town from many different lands, for many different reasons the lives of six adventurers is about to change forever.

Among the human population of Carto lived Fingers, a small child who never grew up in the eyes of the townspeople, a gnome in love with song and story striving to be a great bard in this world. Fingers had lived in Carto since he was a child too young to remember anything else. Also living in town was a strange man blending in and hiding himself among the townspeople. Xundar had traveled here from far away to escape his past and more. Then there came the seekers of the prophecy, four travelers from diffrent places all converging on a prophecy that was to begin in this small town. Staying at the Inn that night was Sereol a Paladin of Heronious hailing from Hearthwal, Arathi the Elven Druid come from the forests of Arnois, Dak Sengir from the nearby forest, and Hubert of Dalode.

The town was startled by a great noise and the earth began to move. Earthquakes were never heard of in this part of the world. Everyone began to search for a source of the quake while lightning flashed above in the night sky. Not long after a far off horn bellowed and a building was sruck by lightning. the town was catching fire and the lightning became more relentless. Try as they might the travelers were of little help with the fire that spread within the town. Another Horn blast this time closer and a flash of lightning revealed a horde coming out of the woods, an army the size of which no one had ever seen. Another flash of lighting and a large shadow was seen overhead. Dragons!! one of the travelers shouted as one came to land in the south east of town destroying anything in its path. The group of travelers began to panic and search for a way out of the trap and bring as many townsfolk as they could with them.


They soon found their retreat cut off by a group of monster they had never seen. They quickly decided that this was the only way out ant they must fight for it. Calling for the aid of the townspeople they charged into battle. Fingers sought out the town blacksmith knowing that he would be of the most help and convinced him to join them in the battle as Sereol called in the help of 6 more townsfolk. The battle was underway and they fought bravely but not without casualties. Only 2 of the townspeople and the blacksmith survived the encounter. The blacksmith Robert McCrits finishing off the Ogre as they ran from another much larger blue dragon that had landed in town. The larger dragon had scared Sereol so badly that all he could do was cower as Dak tried to pull him together and escape.

Once they had escaped the burning town and the army marching upon it they stopped by the river north of town to quickly decide what they should do next as they bandaged their wounds. The blacksmith Robert McCrits decided that he was going to hurry to Hearthwal to inform the king of the army marching on his door and most agreed. They would follow the river and come around the east of the mountains to avoid the horde and hoped to be faster on foot than the large army would be. This path would already put them a day behind.

Game Stats

Game session 1 – 1/23/10 4:30pm

Players: Arathi, Dak, Fingers, Hubert, Sereol, Xundar,

Foes DefeatedLoot
  • Encounter 1
    • 1 Ogre
    • 3 Goblins
    • 3 Orcs
  • 3 leather Armor
  • 2 Scimitar
  • 1 Oger Hammer
  • 74s
- Legends of Æthiox, Chapter 1 Scene 1



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